There are three things I particularly enjoy about teaching: learning new things, interacting with students, and helping others.  I've taught economics at Cambridge, London School of Economics and ICEF (Moscow). I've given lectures in Microeconomics, Behavioural and Experimental Economics and Political Economics, but my favourite format is small group teaching: it is great for interaction.  I've done small group 'supervisions' (as we call them at Cambridge) in lots of areas of economics including Microeconomics, Public Economics, Economic Theory, Political Economics, and, a long time ago, Industrial Organization.

I am the Director of Studies in Economics at Christ’s College, Cambridge. This means that I look after the academic progress of Christ’s students who take Economics. Our students have made us, Christ’s Economics fellows, proud with their consistently outstanding exam results. For over ten years now, Christ’s has been the top or one of the top ranking colleges in Economics in Cambridge. For example, in the last round of exams in 2019, all of our undergraduate students achieved at least a 2:1, and 70% of them achieved 1st class.